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Human Science e-Learning

Human Science’s e-Learning

In the field of education, there are various challenges, but
educational design is key to all solutions.

In the field of personnel education, there are various challenges and solutions, but educational design is the key to solving all of them.

  • Low enrollment rate
  • Costs are increasing
  • I want to know the LMS that suits our company.
  • Which software should I use?
  • Unable to obtain cooperation for employee education due to prioritizing work.
  • No improvement
  • Unable to master LMS
  • Unable to keep up with inquiries due to staff shortage
  • I want to make teaching materials cheaply
  • I don't know how to measure the effectiveness.
  • Poor quality of teaching materials
  • Low motivation
  • Establishment of Education System
  • Operation Support
  • Standard Operating Rules
  • Survey Assessment
  • In-house Support
  • LMS Operation Support
  • Customized Educational Material Creation
  • Definition of Competency Requirements

Educational design at the root of all challenges

"Employee motivation does not increase"
"Lack of understanding in each department leads to low attendance rates"
"No improvement in effectiveness"

As we delve into these challenges, we often find that they stem from not aligning with company policies, business plans, and personnel plans when designing education.
By designing goals and evaluation methods in line with the above, we can enhance the effectiveness of employee education more efficiently.

Human Science Co., Ltd. offers education design that holds the key to problem solving.

Human Science provides education design that holds the key to problem solving.Human Science provides education design that holds the key to problem solving.

LMS Implementation and Operation SupportLMS Implementation and Operation Support

Reasons Why Educational Design is Necessary

Although it is good to introduce an e-learning system, there are many cases where we stumble in operation, such as "low attendance rate" and "unable to respond to inquiries". Before deciding to purchase an LMS, it is important to clarify the purpose and goals of introducing e-learning, and establish roles and cooperation systems for each department.

Value provided by Human Science

We will clarify the purpose of introducing e-learning, extract the necessary tasks for operating e-learning, and support our customers in determining their organization and role assignments, as well as selecting an LMS, to ensure the success of post-implementation operations.

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Content Creation, TranslationContent Creation, Translation

Reasons Why Educational Design is Necessary

Are there any challenges such as "getting bored" or "not being able to maintain motivation" in e-learning education?
You can easily obtain educational content by purchasing inexpensive materials or creating them in-house.
However, in order to create compelling content and translate it for education at overseas locations, design, planning, and expertise are necessary.

Value provided by Human Science

Learning materials objectives (e.g. knowledge acquisition, behavior change, performance improvement, etc.), we will efficiently create and translate effective e-learning materials based on the determined learner attributes.

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In-house development (In-house development support consulting) In-house development (educational material creation consulting, seminars)

Reasons Why Educational Design is Necessary

"We tried to create it ourselves, but there are too many pages and it's not being viewed."
"It lacks excitement and is boring."
"There is no consistency between materials."
"These are common concerns we hear when creating materials within our company."

To provide effective learning materials,
"Clarifying the target audience and learning objectives"
"Clarifying the desired outcome"
is crucial.

Value provided by Human Science

We will support you with your first time creating teaching materials, such as "where to start" and "what is necessary", through advice on creating teaching materials, creating guidelines, and supporting flow construction.

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In-house Development (Seminar)In-house Development (Seminar)

Reasons Why Educational Design is Necessary

"I don't know what is needed to create e-learning materials."
"I can't master the instructional design software."

The structure of creating teaching materials and the background and situation of skills vary depending on the company and department.
In order to smoothly proceed with creating teaching materials, it is important to first understand the knowledge and skills that we are lacking and establish expertise within our company.

Value provided by Human Science

Before conducting a seminar, we will hold a session to understand the current situation, set goals, and prepare a curriculum for each customer.
Our lectures, which include practical training by instructors with over 10 years of experience in e-learning, will support your skill improvement.

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So, why Human Science?

Our company has the correct know-how based on over 20 years of extensive experience since the early days of e-learning in Japan.
We are not just a corporate education consulting company. We have created various types of e-learning materials to meet the needs of many clients.
The number of these materials has reached over 2600.
We hope that you will make use of this know-how in your business.

  • Total number of e-learning materials created: over 2600
  • Over 20 years of abundant know-how since its founding
  • Approximately 100 projects per year

Customer Feedback

We have received many voices of joy.


Not only did they provide polite and prompt support, but they also accurately understood the situation and effectively managed the submission deadline by reminding us. (Construction and human resource development)


Thanks to this, we have been able to create content that can be confidently deployed to all employees.


Not only content design, but also LMS construction and screen design were able to be requested, so it was very helpful.


We are grateful for being able to create more than what was requested without needing to provide a detailed explanation.
(Construction and Human Resources Development Department)


The introduction of LMS has relieved the operational burden of compliance training for the entire company, which has been a great help.
(Electronics manufacturer, management)


We were able to develop tools for bulk registration of courses and streamline our operations.
During the LMS update, we were grateful to be able to consult on server OS and middleware updates as well.