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Flash to HTML5 Migration/Conversion (e-Learning Materials)

Mobile learning on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, Flash Player support ended in 2020. There is a growing demand for creating new HTML5 materials and converting from Flash materials.
Human Science offers three creation and conversion plans.


Flash Player, which ended support in 2020.
Human Science offers three plans for HTML5 migration and conversion.


This is a service to convert Flash format content, which ended support in 2020, to HTML5 format. We will propose the best plan according to your desired specifications and budget.
By converting to HTML5 format, it will not only be playable on most PCs, but also enable mobile learning on smartphones and tablet devices.
This will allow access regardless of location or availability of a PC, leading to improved employee quality through daily learning and habit formation, as well as improved product and service quality.



Migration and Conversion Plan from Flash to HTML5

※You can scroll horizontally.

①Adobe Animate CC Plan ②Video Conversion Plan (mp4, etc.) ③Articulate Studio Plan
Overview Using Adobe Animate CC, the successor software to Adobe Flash Professional, we will recreate Flash content into HTML5 content. Almost all animations, audio, and buttons can be reproduced.
※The source files (.fla) used in creating the Flash content are required.
Convert Flash content to video formats such as mp4.
Although buttons and text cannot be replicated, animations and audio can be reproduced as is.
Use "production tools" like Articulate Studio to create HTML5 data from PowerPoint data.
While it has less freedom compared to Adobe Animate, it is recommended if you still have the PowerPoint manuscript on hand.
20-200 million yen
High cost due to reconstruction

20-50,000 yen
Affordable and easy to keep costs down

¥10,000 to ¥100,000
If there is no PowerPoint manuscript,
the price will be higher.
Work Period
2 weeks~
For a long period of time for reconstruction

1 week~
Relatively short

1 week or more
If there is no PowerPoint manuscript
Creation period is required
Benefits ・Can reproduce complex animations and functions ・Low cost
・Easy to work with
・Only requires swf files
・Low cost
・Easy to work with
Disadvantages ・High cost
・fla file required
・Large file size
・Interaction cannot be reproduced
・Cannot express complex animations
Teaching Materials
・Businesses with clear ROI such as BtoC
・Reproduction of complex interactions
・Stable communication environment
・Minimal interaction
・PowerPoint manuscript available
・Frequent updates required
・Updates and creation done internally

※Cost and work period are approximate per course
※ The cost and schedule of conversion may vary depending on various conditions (presence or absence of materials, specifications of content, environment, requests, etc.).

For those who want to know more about the transition and conversion from Flash to HTML5

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Case Studies

Training Company

Adobe Animate CC
50-200 million yen/material
Number of Materials:
150 Materials (2012-2020 Planned)
Course Content:
Language, Technology, etc.
Purpose of using teaching materials:
Sales of teaching materials in BtoC

Background for choosing Adobe Animate CC plan

  • To maintain the richness of animation expression and differentiate from other companies
  • In response to the increasing demand for learning on smartphones and other mobile devices, we began creating HTML5 materials around 2012.
  • Not only reproducing Flash with HTML5, but also adjusting the interface such as the surface and operation buttons to make it easier to learn on mobile devices.

Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock ExchangeElectrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturer

Adobe Animate CC
Number of Materials:
20 Materials
Course Content:
FA-related e-learning materials in 13 languages (Asian, South American, and Eastern European languages)
Purpose of using teaching materials:
In-house Education

Background for choosing Adobe Animate CC plan

  • Many employees in overseas offices do not own a PC, so mobile compatibility is necessary.
  • I want to make it mobile-friendly so that I can confirm the work on site.

Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Video Conversion Plan (mp4, etc.)
700,000 yen/material
Number of Materials:
50 Materials × Multiple Languages
Course Content:
Equipment Operation, Other Employee Education
Purpose of using teaching materials:
In-house Education

Background of Choosing Video Conversion Plan

  • Cost

Training Company

Articulate Studio
10-100 million yen/material
Number of Materials:
100 Materials
Course Content:
CSR, Information Security, and Others
Purpose of using teaching materials:
In-house Education

Background for Choosing Articulate Studio Plan

  • There was a PowerPoint manuscript, and it was able to be implemented at a low cost.

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