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Articulate Storyline,Studio
Introduction Support and Creation Agency Service

Utilizing over 10 years of authoring experience,
we will support your company's implementation and operation of Articulate Storyline.

Service Details

1. Course Material Production (Authoring) Outsourcing

【Sample created with Articulate Storyline】

If it is difficult to create teaching materials within the company due to factors such as human resources, we will outsource the creation of e-learning materials using Articulate360, Storyline2/Storyline3, and Studio13.

2. e-Learning Material Translation

We can translate English teaching materials created overseas into Japanese, and vice versa. We can also handle translations to other languages.
There are over 50 translation staff members at Human Science Co., Ltd. and over 200 registered translators.
We offer one-stop services from translation to screen editing, voice dubbing, and LMS operation confirmation.


【Supported Languages】

English (US, UK, Australian)
Asian Languages Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai, Lao, Malay, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Turkish, Hindi, Kazakh
Western languages French, Italian, German, Spanish, Iberian Portuguese, Dutch, Greek
Eastern European Languages Czech, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Estonian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Belarusian, Georgian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Armenian, Macedonian
Nordic languages Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
Middle Eastern Languages Arabic and Hebrew
North American Languages Canadian French
South American Languages Brazilian Portuguese, Latin Spanish, Mexican Spanish

3. Articulate Storyline and Studio Usage Seminar

This is a training for those who create and edit e-learning materials using Articulate360, Storyline2/Storyline3, and Studio13. We will create a curriculum and provide original text and practice problems according to your needs.


[Estimated Cost] *Up to 10 participants

・Half day 200,000 yen~
・1 day 300,000 yen~


【Original Text】

4. Japanese Support

Articulate Storyline does not have manuals or support services available in Japanese.
Also, since there is no Japanese version of the product and the user interface (UI) is in English, it may be difficult to understand the functions and operations, and there may be unique bugs that occur in a Japanese environment.
In such cases, we offer support for basic functions, usage, and error handling for Articulate360, Storyline2/Storyline3, and Studio13 on an annual contract or ticket basis to ensure smooth problem resolution.

5. LMS, SCORM compatible

SCORM (1.2, 2004) is available in addition to AICC and xAPI (TinCan) formats. This allows for easy registration on various LMS platforms both domestically and internationally.


LMS Compatibility Results
  • ・SuccessFactors
  • ・SABA
  • ・Cornerstone
  • ・SumTotal
  • ・AbsorbLMS
  • ・High Plus
  • ・moodle
  • ・Totara

6. Purchase Agency

We offer proxy purchasing services for companies that have difficulty with dollar or credit card payments.

7. Content creation with Articulate Presenter and Storyline from PowerPoint

100,000 yen~
*In case of 30 files (pages)
*Please provide PowerPoint data

・Content data (specified data format such as html5, mp4, SCORM)

Work Content
・Conversion and adjustment of PowerPoint data

What is Articulate?

Articulate 360, Articulate Storyline, and Articulate Studio are one of the most widely used e-learning authoring tools in the world, developed by Articulate, a US-based company. These tools have been adopted by approximately 80,000 companies and educational institutions.
Human Science Co., Ltd. started localizing Articulate products in 2009 for a product training material translation project for a US IT company. We have been creating e-learning materials, translating, and providing seminars and support using Articulate products.

Articulate Product Series
Articulate 360
Storyline and Studio include all features. As a cloud service, new features will be continuously updated.
  • ・Can be edited on PowerPoint (PowerPoint) (add-in), making it easy to create content.
  • ・Add annotations and audio editing functions.
  • ・The included Articulate Quizmaker is a specialized support tool for creating quizzes. It has basic templates for true/false questions and multiple choice questions, making it easy to create quizzes by simply inputting test questions and correct/incorrect information.
  • ・It is possible to create various teaching materials such as interactive content and simulation content. By allowing users to manipulate the screen and changing the content based on the learner's knowledge level, it improves learning effectiveness.
  • - With design templates and packages for characters and illustrations, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost and time required for illustration creation, not just for screen design.
  • ・Characters can be created in 47,500 different combinations using expressions, poses, and other elements.

Benefits of using Articulate

Easy to operate

Compared to traditional e-learning authoring software, it is possible to easily create teaching materials.
Not only can you create teaching materials from scratch, but you can also create them by converting from PowerPoint.

Multilingual Support

Articulate, used in over 150 countries, also has translation support. Not only in Japan, but also for global expansion, it is possible to easily create teaching materials in different languages, even when local education is required.

Responsive (HTML5) support, migration from Flash

With Articulate, you can easily convert data created into HTML5 and iOS compatible formats with just one button. You can easily create content that is compatible with both PCs and smartphones.
We also recommend it as one of the software options for customers who want to migrate their Flash content to HTML5 format.


Articulate Storyline
Useful Materials

This is a useful resource about Articulate Storyline, which is provided by Human Science Co., Ltd., the No.1 company in Japan for creating Japanese version teaching materials using Articulate Storyline. It includes information on how to use Articulate Storyline, as well as seminars and support services.
You can download it for free, so please take this opportunity to check it out.

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