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From translation to production, we provide one-stop support.

Pharmaceutical and Medical e-Learning
Educational Material Translation Service

Human Science Co., Ltd. is a translation company that deals with all aspects of pharmaceuticals and medical care, and has been producing various forms of e-learning materials for over 20 years. Leveraging our extensive experience in both fields, we provide a one-stop solution for everything from translation to editing, narration recording, and LMS testing.
Global economic progress has led to a need for high-quality translation and speedy response in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. We offer solutions that significantly reduce the time required for localization.

Translation services specialized in the pharmaceutical and medical industry

Translation is handled by translators who are well-versed in the medical field.
Therefore, they can accurately understand and translate specialized terminology and context used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. In these industries, a high level of expertise and compliance with regulations is required, making high-quality translation essential for e-learning materials.
At Human Science Co., Ltd., we carefully select translators and proofreaders who are knowledgeable in the pharmaceutical and medical fields to provide specialized and accurate translations.


Our translators are a group of elite individuals who have passed through a narrow gate with a pass rate of less than 8%.
We will provide stable progress and high-quality translations for your company's translation projects.
In addition, at Human Science, we believe that one of the important factors that affects the quality of translation is the review (check) process after the translation work. Therefore, we have a system in place where experienced specialized reviewers (checkers) check the entire translation. Through this process, we detect and correct any errors or mistakes made by the translators during the translation process. Additionally, we improve the accuracy of the translation from a professional standpoint and contribute to stabilizing the overall translation quality by coordinating translations from multiple translators.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translator (Example)

We have translators with a proven track record in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. We offer native speaker checks and English proofreading by individuals with M.D (Doctor of Medicine) and Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) qualifications.

Japanese-English Translator
Japanese-English Translator

Areas of Expertise
Bio, Genetics, Computational Chemistry
Oncology (Protocol), Gynecology (ICF), Cell Biology (Paper)

Japanese-English Translator
Japanese-English Translator
26 years of experience in medical translation. 15 years of experience working at a medical translation company.

Areas of Expertise
Lung Cancer (CSR), Colorectal Cancer (IB), PMDA Inquiry Items, Clinical Trial Implementation Plan, Clinical Trial Summary Report, Case Report, Informed Consent Document, Investigational Drug Summary, PMS, Inquiry Items

Japanese-English Translator
Japanese-English Translator
25 years of experience in medical translation

Areas of Expertise
Regenerative Medicine (iPS Cells)
Cardiovascular field (paper), leukemia (paper), respiratory field (treatment guidelines)

Medical Device Translator (Example)

To provide high-quality translation, translators with prior knowledge of diagnostic and treatment procedures using specific medical devices will be in charge of the translation.

15 years of translation experience
15 years of experience working for a domestic medical device manufacturer

Medical equipment

Academic papers, clinical trial implementation plans, test equipment overview documents, clinical trial summary reports, technical reports, user manuals, defect reports, administrative agency submission documents

Translation Experience: 3 years
Foreign Pharmaceutical Company
Work Experience: 11 years

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices

Instruction manuals, software-related materials, attachments, clinical trial drug summary, clinical trial implementation plan, exhibition/conference reports, academic papers

Translation Experience: 13 years
Worked at a domestic pharmaceutical company
for 8 years

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices

Clinical trial implementation plan, investigational drug summary, clinical trial summary report, informed consent document, letter to the clinical trial responsible physician, drug package insert, adverse event report

Supported Languages

English (US, UK, Australian)
Asian Languages Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai, Lao, Malay, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Turkish, Hindi, Kazakh
Western languages French, Italian, German, Spanish, Iberian Portuguese, Dutch, Greek
Eastern European Languages Czech, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Estonian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Belarusian, Georgian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Armenian, Macedonian
Nordic languages Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
Middle Eastern Languages Arabic and Hebrew
North American Languages Canadian French
South American Languages Brazilian Portuguese, Latin Spanish, Mexican Spanish

Supported Fields

・Fundamental Research・Non-clinical
・Clinical Development・Approval Application
・Medical Devices
・Manufacturing Development・Quality Assurance
・Manufacturing and Sales・Marketing


We will customize the translation content to fit the characteristics of Japanese laws and domestic products.
Therefore, there may be cases where we propose content adjustments from our company in the translation manuscript.
In addition, through meetings and other discussions, we will be happy to consult with you on adjustments tailored to learning goals and target audience.

Translation Support Tool

In the pharmaceutical and medical fields, there are often cases where multiple translations of the same content are required in a short period of time, or a large amount of translation needs to be completed quickly. In such cases, it is necessary to have multiple translators working simultaneously and coordinating with each other at the task level.
At Human Science Co., Ltd., we have established a system where dedicated coordinators control multiple translators and manage projects while maintaining quality levels. We utilize translation support tools such as Trados, Phrase TMS, memoQ, and XTM Cloud.

Machine Translation/Post-edit

At Human Science, we provide translation services with a focus on machine translation in order to reduce translation costs. However, machine translation alone cannot meet the quality standards of industries such as medical and medical equipment that require specialized knowledge.
Therefore, post-editors with prior knowledge of the medical equipment, diagnosis, and treatment procedures being translated ensure the quality of the translation. With this system, we are able to provide translation services that maintain the cost benefits of machine translation while meeting the quality standards required in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

e-Learning Material Production Service with a Proven Track Record in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Fields

At Human Science Co., Ltd., we have been creating various forms of e-learning materials in a wide range of fields, not limited to the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Our editors, who have a wealth of experience in using various authoring software such as Articulate Storyline, will handle the editing of e-learning materials.
We can also provide production and suggestions for creating materials that match the layout and templates of the source material, as well as materials tailored for the Japanese market. In addition, we offer one-stop support for voice recording using our in-house narrators and voice actors, as well as creating synthesized voices.

Content Editing

Various types of e-learning material production are possible. Please consult us even if the authoring software of the translation source is unknown.

[Software Used]

  • ・iSpring
  • ・Articulate Storyline, Rise
  • ・Adobe Captivate
  • ・Microsoft PowerPoint and others

DTP and video editing, etc.

We also handle editing of text and adding subtitles to videos and images featured in e-learning materials.
If there is a need for editing related to translation, such as materials linked from the learning materials, please consult with us.

[Software Used]

  • ・Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • ・Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • ・Adobe Premiere
  • ・Filmora
  • ・Camtasia, etc.

[Supported Formats]

  • PDF, MP4, and others

Localization Editing

We will edit original Japanese content that is not available in the translated version, in order to provide information specifically for domestic users and highlight the features of our products for the domestic market.

  • ・Add/Delete Slides
  • ・Add/Delete Quiz
  • ・Additional interactions (user operations) added

Narration Recording and Synthesized Voice

We perform professional recordings and create synthesized voices using a pronarrator.

  • - We use professional narrators and voice actors from our production company to conduct full-scale recordings in our recording studio (we kindly ask our clients to be present during the recording session).
  • ・If you want to make it more affordable than studio recording, we can propose a plan tailored to your needs, such as "creating synthesized voices" using dedicated software or "home recording" where the narrator records easily at home.
  • ・Native narrators are used for multilingual recordings such as English and Chinese.
  • ・Synthetic Voice Sample (Japanese)
  • ・Synthetic Voice Sample (English)

Various LMS support, SCORM conversion

We will verify the content according to your desired delivery format and deliver it to you.

【Delivery Format (Example)】

  • ・LMS compatible formats (SCORM1.2/SCORM2004/xAPI and others)
  • ・Web server supported formats, etc.

【LMS compatibility results (example)】

  • ・moodle、Totara
  • ・KnowledgeDeliver
  • ・Cornerstone
  • ・Generalist/LM
  • ・SuccessFactors and others

Project Flow



We will listen to your requests and educational purposes, target language, target region, etc.
We will also confirm the type and format of e-learning materials, translation difficulty and quality requirements, delivery date and budget.


Original Text Analysis

Analyze the original text of e-learning materials and use translation support tools such as translation memories and glossaries to improve translation efficiency and ensure consistency in translation work.
In addition, we select translators and proofreaders with specialized knowledge depending on the target language and region.



Translators will translate e-learning materials. Translators are familiar with specialized terminology and expressions in medicine and healthcare, and can accurately convey the original intention and nuances.
They also consider the culture and laws of the target language and region, and check for inappropriate content or expressions.


Translation Review

After the translation is completed, a reviewer with specialized knowledge in pharmaceuticals and medical fields will verify the quality of the translated text.
The reviewer will check for accuracy, naturalness, consistency, and appropriateness of the translated text.
They will also utilize translation tools such as translation memory and terminology glossary to maintain consistency and coherence in the translated text.


e-Learning Material Editing

Once the review is complete, the editor will perform screen editing and voice recording for e-learning materials.
The editor has skills in e-learning production software and will accurately reflect the translated text in the e-learning materials.
In addition, for voice recording, a narrator in the target language will be selected and attention will be paid to pronunciation, intonation, and emotional expression.


LMS compatible

After editing, we will perform a test run of the educational content.
We will check for any issues with the display and operation of e-learning materials, as well as the functionality of audio and video playback, tests, and surveys. We will also confirm compatibility and optimization for browsers and devices.


Material Completed

Please have the customer confirm before delivery, and if there are no issues, we will proceed with delivery.
Even after delivery, we will provide additional support and after-sales service based on customer feedback and modification requests.

e-Learning Material Production Results

Foreign Pharmaceutical Company

Foreign Pharmaceutical Company

Over 80 training materials for young and new employees have been produced since 2019. Responsible for translating, localizing, and editing training materials using Articulate Storyline/Rise.
By handling all processes from translation to editing, we were able to respond with a flexible schedule to delays in product release dates (approval delays) and other issues.

Foreign-owned pet food brand

Foreign-owned pet food brand

Produced over 43 educational materials for veterinarians and sales staff since 2020. Responsible for translating, localizing, and editing materials using Articulate Storyline/Rise.
Created content that can be played on a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac, iPad, and Android. Also able to accommodate significant changes to fit the unique needs of the Japanese market.

Surgical Support Robot Manufacturer

Surgical Support Robot Manufacturer

Produced 9 e-learning contents (427 slides) for medical professionals. Responsible for translating and localizing materials using Articulate Storyline. Efficiently carried out translation work by utilizing Trados for terminology consistency.
Utilized CAT tools for terminology consistency and specified specialized terms using glossary. Provided one-stop support from translation by translators with specialized knowledge in the field of surgery to editing and voice recording of e-learning contents.

Medical Publishing Company

Medical Publishing Company

Created e-learning materials for a medical society.
We were commissioned to develop an LMS for public release, and we handled all processes from system development to e-learning content editing, narration editing, and illustration creation in one stop.