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AI-powered animation production tool

Vyond (Animation Production) Sales

With the animation production tool "Vyond" that solves the problem of "not being conveyed", internal communication and personnel development can be made easier and faster.


Human Science is a certified reseller of Vyond.

Easily create videos that capture interest and increase motivation

83% of learners prefer watching videos over learning through text.
With attractive animations related to work, it captures the attention of busy learners in their work.

Reasons for Recommendation

1. Easily Create Animated Videos

With easy operability like PowerPoint, no special skills or experience are required.
You can create animated videos in a short time and at a low cost.

2. Abundant Templates

As materials necessary for creating animations, there are over 1,900 backgrounds, over 1,300 characters, over 14,000 small object illustrations, and over 2,400 actions (character expressions and movements) prepared in advance, so you can create them just by combining them.
You can also import original images and logos, and customize them freely.

3. 3 Basic Styles

You can create animations from three different styles.

Creates simple animations with a motion graphics style. Suitable for PR videos and presentations.
We create highly expressive and easy-to-use animations for corporate education. Our strengths include high customization options for characters and a wide range of materials.
Whiteboard animation
Create an animation of hand-drawn illustrations and text on a whiteboard. Its simplicity allows for a wide range of uses.
Basic Style

4. Character Customization

Over 2,000 characters are available as templates. You can also choose features such as facial features and clothing from scratch to create a character that suits your business.

5. Text-to-Speech Function

Vyond has the ability to generate synthesized voices using Azure and Amazon Polly. By using neural voices that can produce natural human-like speech, it can read scripts and create more attractive videos.

6. Usage Examples

The created animation can not only be published as it is, but can also be imported into other tools such as PowerPoint, iSpring, Articulate Storyline, etc. and used as part of e-learning content.

Storyline Combination Image 01 Storyline Combination Image 02

Vyond Go (Beta Version)

This is an innovative feature released in June 2023.
Simply input a short prompt and AI will generate a voice-over animation video in just a few steps and minutes.
Animations created with Vyond Go can be used as is or edited for a polished finish, making it incredibly easy to create animation videos in a short amount of time.
*Vyond Go is available for all Vyond subscription plans (some plans may have limitations on the number of videos that can be generated).

Contract Process

Flow of Use Step1

First, please start the trial from the Vyond official website.

Start Trial
Flow of Use Step2

You can use the trial account freely for 2 weeks.

Usage Guide
Flow of Use Step3

Purchase the product version.
Please apply from the purchase form.

※If you have already conducted a trial, you can proceed to Step 3.

※Data created with a trial account will be retained for 30 days.

Purchase Form

Before making a purchase, please register for a trial account.
If the form is not available, please send an email to hsweb_inquiry@science.co.jp.

※If the person entering into the contract is different from the user, please fill in the contact information in the "Inquiry" field.

Contract Plans and Prices

We offer three types of licenses.

※Please scroll horizontally to view

Premium Professional Enterprise

Contract Plan

Basic editing functions are available. You can use advanced editing features and file sharing with your team. We have a high level of security measures specialized for corporate use.


※Startup Campaign in Progress

\99,800/year (excluding tax)


¥169,800/year (excluding tax)
Please contact us.

Price as of February 2024

※Sales are only available for corporate customers.
※All licenses are annual contracts. There will be no refund for cancellation during the contract period.
※Discounts are available for contracts of 3 sheets or more. Please contact us for details.
※Monthly rates are subject to change based on exchange rates.

Vyond Contract Plan Comparison

※Please scroll horizontally to view

Vyond Go (AI-powered video creation) Premium Professional Enterprise
Vyond Go (AI Video Generation) - With the new feature Vyond Go, AI automatically generates videos. The number of times it can be generated varies depending on your contract plan. 5 10 15
Team Collaboration Premium Professional Enterprise
Shared Space - You can create a shared folder for a specific purpose, project, or group and assign specific members to it.
Shared Library – Team can share audio, video, and image assets
User Management Panel - Manages team accounts
Video Collaboration - You can collaborate with other users under the same subscription contract
Video Sharing Function - You can safely share videos individually or as a team
Video Options Premium Professional Enterprise
720p – Export MP4 videos with a resolution of 720p
1080p – Export MP4 videos with a resolution of 1080p
Animation GIF Export - Exports an 8-second loop animation GIF
SVG Import - Importing SVG files. You can change colors and more on Vyond.
Aspect Ratio - You can change the aspect ratio of the video
Audio Adjustment - Simply click the button to optimize recorded audio, including noise and volume.
Global Edit - With just one click, you can change the attributes of characters and props for the entire video.
Export and Import Text - Export text from video to an external file for editing, and then load the updated text to make immediate confirmations and changes.
Automatic Translation of Videos - Quickly translates all text within the video (on-screen text, synthesized speech text, dialogue scripts) into over 70 languages.
Branding Premium Professional Enterprise
Change Color - You can adjust the colors of the "Contemporary" and "Whiteboard" props to match the brand guidelines.
Importing Fonts – Import the organization's fonts for branding purposes
Brand Guidelines - Create brand templates including fonts, colors, logos, and text styles.
Character Creator Premium Professional Enterprise
"Whiteboard" - You can create characters that look like they were drawn by hand on a whiteboard.
"Contemporary" - You can create modern character designs
"Business-friendly" - You can create characters like those in TV anime
Generate Characters from Photos - Upload photos to create Vyond characters (Contemporary only)
Support Premium Professional Enterprise
Access to Vyond Community - You can learn and create with members of the Vyond Community
Security Premium Professional Enterprise
ISO27001 Compliant - We have implemented strong security measures based on ISMS certification.
GDPR/CCPA Compliance - Compliant with EU and California state data privacy regulations
Privacy Shield Compliance – Certified by TrustArc
Vyond Secure Suite - SSO (Single Sign-On), Non-Active Timeout, IP Whitelist, Brute Force Prevention, Video Cache Expiration Settings
Event Log Retrieval - Tracks team account activity

※Service details may change.
Please contact us for more information.

Set Sales

We offer set sales for the following. Please contact us for details such as sales price.

iSpring Set Sales

Case Studies

  • "As our offices are dispersed throughout Japan and the world, we have been using e-learning for a long time. Among them, legal matters are difficult to understand, so we needed visually understandable content."
  • "With over 7,000 participants, 94% have achieved a high level of understanding and 98% of participants have responded that it was beneficial."

For more details, please click "Tokyo Electron Ltd. Case Study Page"

Support Service

Pre-Purchase Support

We will introduce our services through an online demo via web conference.
Please contact us for more information.

After-purchase Support

We will respond to requests such as the following. Please contact us for more details.
・I want you to explain how to use it online.
・I want to inquire about how to use the product in Japanese (inquiry agency to the developer).
・Notification of update timing (we will contact you 90 days in advance).

Frequently Asked Questions

QHow many days is the trial period?
It is 14 days. After 30 days, the data of the trial account will be deleted. If you switch to the full version after 30 days, the retention of data created with the trial account is not guaranteed.
QWhat payment methods can I choose from?
Payment can be made by bank transfer or invoice settlement. For first-time customers, we kindly ask for payment in advance.
QCan I add an account (sheet) while under contract?
Adding sheets is possible. The contract fee at the time of addition will be calculated based on the remaining number of days of the contracted account.
QAre there any notifications when renewing contracts?
We will send you a renewal notice from our company (Human Science Co., Ltd.) approximately 90 days prior.

Introduction to Vyond Development Company

Vyond is a service created by a video production tool development company based in Silicon Valley, USA.
In 2008, we started offering online animation services and released "Vyond" in May 2018 after a renewal.
Human Science has a large number of achievements in video production using Vyond and became a certified reseller of Vyond in 2023.


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