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iSpring Certified Reseller

iSpring Product Implementation/Creation Support

Leverage over 10 years of authoring experience to support your company's adoption and operation of iSpring products.
Human Science is an iSpring certified reseller.

Service Details

1. Course Material Production (Authoring) Outsourcing

If it is difficult to create teaching materials within the company due to factors such as human resources, we will outsource the creation of e-learning materials using iSpring Suite.

2. e-Learning Material Translation

We can translate English teaching materials created overseas into Japanese, and vice versa. We can also handle translations to other languages.
There are over 50 translation staff members at Human Science Co., Ltd. and over 200 registered translators.
We offer one-stop services from translation to screen editing, voice dubbing, and LMS operation confirmation.


【Supported Languages】

English (US, UK, Australian)
Asian Languages Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai, Lao, Malay, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Turkish, Hindi, Kazakh
Western languages French, Italian, German, Spanish, Iberian Portuguese, Dutch, Greek
Eastern European Languages Czech, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Estonian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Belarusian, Georgian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Armenian, Macedonian
Nordic languages Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
Middle Eastern Languages Arabic and Hebrew
North American Languages Canadian French
South American Languages Brazilian Portuguese, Latin Spanish, Mexican Spanish

3. iSpring Suite Usage Seminar

This is a training for those who create and edit e-learning materials using iSpring Suite. We will create a curriculum and provide original text and practice questions according to your needs.


[Estimated Cost] *Up to 10 participants

・Half day 200,000 yen~
・1 day 300,000 yen~


In addition, we hold joint free seminars with iSpring on an irregular basis. Please check iSpring and our press releases for more information.

4. Technical Support

Human Science is an iSpring certified reseller. If you have any questions or concerns about your iSpring products, we will work with iSpring support to assist you in resolving any issues.
For purchasing applications, please refer to "6. Application Sales".

5. LMS, SCORM compatible

SCORM (1.2, 2004) is available in addition to AICC and xAPI (TinCan) formats. This allows for easy registration on various LMS platforms both domestically and internationally.


LMS Compatibility Results
  • ・SuccessFactors
  • ・SABA
  • ・Cornerstone
  • ・SumTotal
  • ・AbsorbLMS
  • ・High Plus
  • ・moodle
  • ・Totara

6. Application Sales

Human Science is an iSpring certified reseller. We also sell iSpring products.
We have received favorable reviews for acting as a proxy purchaser for companies that have difficulty with dollar or credit card payments.
In addition, volume discounts are available for purchasing 3 or more licenses of the same application. Please consider it.

First, we recommend trying the free evaluation version.

(Redirects to iSpring's website.)

Please contact us for inquiries.
iSpring Reseller Contact: hs_iSpring_reseller@science.co.jp

7. Creating Content with iSpring Suite from PowerPoint

100,000 yen~
*In case of 30 files (pages)
*Please provide PowerPoint data

・Content data (specified data format such as html5, mp4, SCORM)

Work Content
・Conversion and adjustment of PowerPoint data

Introduction to iSpring

For over 20 years, we have been developing tools to assist in e-learning production as an IT vendor based in the United States.
Currently, iSpring's applications are used by 59,000 companies in 172 countries to create educational materials.
iSpring provides technical support in 18 languages. If you encounter any issues, Human Science will connect you to iSpring's technical support to assist you.



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