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STOP! Harassment
~Fundamental knowledge of workplace harassment~

Learning Overview ~ The Importance of Preventing Harassment

Workplace harassment can lower employee morale, decrease productivity, and lead to high turnover rates.
In some cases, it can also result in damage to the company's reputation and an increase in litigation risk, potentially having a serious impact on management.

In response to the "Power Harassment Prevention Law" (amended Labor Measures Comprehensive Promotion Act, to be implemented in April 2022 for small and medium-sized enterprises) enacted in June 2020, it is urgent to take concrete measures and measures to prevent not only power harassment, but also sexual harassment and maternity harassment.

This material introduces not only the three major harassments of power harassment, sexual harassment, and maternity harassment, but also other harassments such as SOGI harassment, which has been gaining attention in recent years!

This snippet explains clearly using examples the points that should be known in order to resolve and prevent workplace harassment, and what constitutes harassment.

Please make use of this to eliminate various forms of harassment in the workplace and increase employee motivation and productivity.


Table of Contents ・Consciousness Survey (5 questions)
・Main Part (53 slides)
Chapter 1: What is Workplace Harassment?
  1-1. What is Workplace Harassment?
Chapter 2: Three Typical Harassments
  2-1. Power Harassment
  2-2. Sexual Harassment
  2-3. Maternity and Paternity Harassment
Chapter 3: Other Harassments
  3-1. SOGI Harassment
  3-2. Other Harassments
Chapter 4: Laws Surrounding Harassment
  4-1. Laws Regarding Power Harassment
  4-2. Review of Previous Guidelines
Chapter 5: What to Do if You Experience Harassment or Notice Harassment
  5-1. Impact of Harassment
  5-2. What to Do if You Experience or Notice Harassment
・Test (5 questions)
Learning Objectives ・Acquire basic knowledge of workplace harassment
・Understand behaviors that can lead to harassment and take conscious actions
・Know where to turn for help when experiencing or noticing harassment
Target audience ・(Learner) General employees who will learn about harassment
・(Educator) Companies and organizations facing challenges such as decreased motivation and mental health issues among employees due to harassment
Study Time (Estimated) Approximately 30 minutes

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Case Studies

Content Arrangement & Content Creation

Added a collection of common cases for employees and used a simple tool to convert them into content.
Narration text was also available, so we were able to easily create narration using speech synthesis software.

(Government Agencies and Local Governments, Client A)

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We use our own templates, so we replace the template of the manuscript and use it.
In addition, it was translated into English and Chinese for overseas branches, which made editing easier and saved us time.

(Manufacturer B)

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(Medical Device Manufacturer C)

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Customer Feedback


I was able to efficiently learn during my free time because the curriculum was divided.


I was able to acquire knowledge that I didn't know before, such as "SOGI Hara".


"Understanding was enhanced as specific scenes such as "examples of harassment commonly seen in our industry" could be imagined."


I was able to think about and learn about harassment from the perspectives of both the victim and the perpetrator.

Case Study: Introduction of HS Original Teaching Materials Achieves Standardization of New Employee Knowledge at Low Cost

Author's Voice

Are you fully prepared for the implementation of the Act on Promotion of Labor Measures, which is related to measures to prevent power harassment?
In addition to the basic knowledge of harassment such as power harassment, sexual harassment, and maternity harassment (paternity harassment), we explain about "harassment related to sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI harassment)" which is clearly stated in this guideline.
Please make use of this to learn the overall basic knowledge of harassment.


Sayoko Shirochika

Human Science Co., Ltd. Consultant/Writer
Certified Action Learning Coach by Japan Action Learning Association

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