e-Learning Video Material Production

Practical e-learning video materials for maintenance of equipment and convenient for customer service

We create e-learning materials and manuals using videos. The characteristics of videos, which can convey difficult equipment operating procedures and complex situations smoothly and easily, are utilized for practical equipment maintenance, operation, and customer service.

We offer group training and lectures, video recording of internal meetings, 360-degree camera recording, and chroma key recording, and provide them as e-learning video materials.

Tools Used

Camtasia Studio, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and others

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Storyline Operation Explanation Video (Video Material)

Printer Maintenance (Video Manual)

Slide + Instructor Video Content


Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer Rice Cooking System Video Manual

・Switching from paper manuals, which have been the main source of inquiries, to video manuals using footage of how to use kitchen equipment
・In addition to fixed cameras, web cameras are also utilized to clearly convey from the worker's perspective

The Open University of Japan's Class Video Recording

・Online class video production using chroma key - from shooting to editing to content creation all in one package
・Approximately 100 video productions in six months

Convenience Store (Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) Store Operation Video Manual

- The number of foreign part-time staff has increased, and the support in Japanese manuals (booklets) has reached its limit.
- In order to reduce the cost of translating manuals into multiple languages, we have realized the use of video manuals for visual learning.

Other Achievements

・Various technical training videos related to construction work for an electrical construction company
・Customer service video manual for a foreign coffee chain
・Pharmaceutical and medical information video content for medical information service providers
・Lecture recording video content for a certain university hospital
And many others


Recommended for effectively utilizing videos in product descriptions and e-learning materials on the web.



※5-minute video content

※The content, video duration, shooting location, need for coverage, and provided materials may vary.



・Completed video data (HTML5, MP4 or specified data format)

Work Content

・1 meeting (including interviews and location scouting for storyboard and script creation)

・Please prepare storyboards and scenarios (internal documents, manuals, etc.).

・Shooting (if necessary)

※Shooting time is 1 hour, no audio or lighting equipment for simple shooting. Studio shooting requires a separate estimate.

・Video Editing (Title, Subtitle Editing)