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[Exhibition Report] Human Capital 2017

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    e-Learning Material Production Service

    We exhibited at "Human Capital 2017" held from June 28th to 30th, 2017.

    What is Human Capital?

    Nikkei Business Publications Inc. and Nikkei Inc., the sponsors of "Human Capital" since its first event in 2000, gather solutions and services related to "people" that support corporate growth and provide the latest information. It is the largest event in the human resources industry.
    This year, it was held from June 28 (Wednesday) to 30 (Friday) at Tokyo International Forum (Yurakucho), and about 170 companies exhibited booths, with about 20,000 people attending at the same time as the Learning Innovation 2017 event.

    Human Capital 2017 Logo

    "Activating People and Organizations" as the main theme

    Our company has been exhibiting at the Learning Innovation event held simultaneously every year, but this year we made our first appearance at the Human Capital event, which matches our newly launched services. We introduced our various services such as consciousness surveys (surveys), group training, and e-learning, with the main theme of "Activation of People and Organizations". We were fortunate to have many customers visit us and receive valuable feedback.
    Among them, the e-learning manuscript sales for consciousness survey support that we introduced in a previous blog (customizable! Original materials provided in manuscript form) received strong interest from our customers.

    Booth Appearance

    Two open theaters are thriving

    During the event, approximately 150 seminars and theaters were held on various topics such as the government-led "workstyle reform" and management strategies, personnel, and human resource development.
    From our company, we presented and introduced our initiatives and services at two open theaters. The first one introduced a case study of our efforts in launching a new business, focusing on the motivation of individuals and organizations. The second one introduced a new service for training job offers and new employees using flipped learning. Both were able to end in great success with standing room only, and we were able to feel a sense of accomplishment.

    For an overview of Open Theater, please refer to

    Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the midst of your busy schedules!

    Seminar Overview

    Upcoming Exhibitions: Next stop, Osaka!

    At this exhibition, we mainly introduced our new services, but at the next exhibition, we will introduce our main business, e-learning production, and especially e-learning manuscript sales that can be customized.
    On August 3rd (Thursday) and 4th (Friday), we will be exhibiting at the "2nd Kansai Education ICT Exhibition" held at Intex Osaka. If you are interested, please stop by.

    Keiko Osawa


    Keiko Osawa
    Education Solutions Department Consulting Unit
    ・14 years of experience as an e-learning content production director
     Developed e-learning courses, wrote manuscripts, and conducted seminars
    ・Manner OJT instructor (certified by the Japan Manner OJT Instructor Association)

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